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Krzysztof Czyżewski

An idea-to-practice man, an essayist and an animator of intercultural activities, Czyżewski is a founder of the Pogranicze Foundation and the Pogranicze - sztuk, kultur, narodów centre (Border - of Arts, Cultures, Nations). He is an editor in chief for the “Krasnogruda” magazine, and the chief executive of the Pogranicze publishing house, where he edits magazines such as “Meridian” and “Sąsiedzi”. Czyżewski is the author of the books: „Ścieżka pogranicza” (Paths of the Border) (2001) and “Linia powrotu. Zapiski z pogranicza.” (Line of Return. Notes from the Border) (2008). He has been initiating programmes for intercultural dialogues in the Central Europe, Balkans, Caucasia, Central Asia and other bordering areas of the world. He is the leader of the “Nowa Agora” International Academy and the programmes: “Szkoła pogranicza” (The School of Border) and “Gra szklanych paciorków” (Glass Bead Game) - Intercultural Practice Labs. Czyżewski presides over HALMA - a network of European literary institutions seated in Berlin. He also leads “Café Europa” - a ‘flying literary café’ that he launched himself during the wars in the former Yugoslavia. So far, its meetings that combine poetry reading with music and discussions have taken place in Sarajevo, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Warsaw, Barcelona and New York. As a member of the Council for Culture, he cooperated with the Institute of the Open Society in Budapest for many years. He is a winner of scholarships of social innovators and a member of the Ashoka association. He presides over the chapter of the Irena Sendlerowa Award. Czyżewski is a lecturer at numerous colleges, including: the University of Warsaw, the Vilnius University, the New School University (New York), the Trans-Regional Centre for Democratic Studies (Cracow), the Salzburg Seminar, the Institute of Humane Sciences at the L’viv University, the Boston University. In 2007, Krzysztof Czyżewski delivered an annual “Copernicus Lecture” at the Michigan University. He is a laureate of St. George Medal, the A. Gieysztor Award and the J. Giedroyc Award, “New Culture of New Europe” - the Krynica Economic Forum Award. He is also an ambassador of European intercultural Dialogue and the Honorary Ambassador of Podlaskie Voivodship. Presently, Czyżewski creates The Pedagogical Province of Bridge Builders in Krasnogruda at the Polish-Lithuanian border.