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Stanisław Rosiek

Born in 1953 in Gdańsk, Rosiek is a literature historian, an essayist, and an editor, working in the Institute of Polish Philology at the University of Gdańsk. He worked in the editorial offices of the following magazines: “Litteraria”, “Punkt”, “Podpunkt”, and the annual magazine “Punkt po Punkcie”. Together with Maria Janion, he co-edited thee volumes of the “Transgresje” (Transgressions) series - “Galernicy wrażliwości” (Galley-Slaves of Sensibility) (1981) “Osoby” (Persons) (1984), “Maski” (Masks) (1986). With Stefan Chwin, he co-wrote the book “Bez autorytetu. Szkice.” (No Authority. Profiles.) (1981). For that book, he was honoured with the Award of the Kościelski Foundation in 1983. In the nineties, Rosiek focused on the posthumous cult of Adam Mickiewicz “Zwłoki Mickiewicza. Próba nekrografii poety.” (Mickiewicz’s Corpse. An Attempt of the Poet’s Necrography.) (1997) and work of several writers of the 20th century (Tadeusz Peiper, Bruno Schulz, Miron Białoszewski). He is a co-author of “Słownik schulzowski” (Schulz’s Dictionary) (2002) and a series of five Polish language textbooks for secondary schools “Między tekstami” (Between the Texts) (2002 - 2005). In 2002, he published an anthology “Wymiary śmierci” (Dimensions of Death). In the autumn of 2008, his most recent book, entitled “[nienapisane]” ([unwritten]), was published.
Currently, his anthology entitled “Mickiewicz w „Pamiętniku Literackim”” (Mickiewicz in “The Literary Diary”) is in print, together with the second part of the necrography “Spór o martwego wieszcza. Pośmiertne dzieje Adama Mickiewicza.” (Dispute over a Dead Bard. Posthumous History of Adam Mickiewicz.).