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Skip a class with the City Culture Institute… Literally

Can poetry be practical? Barbara Piórkowska, a poet and a writer from Gdańsk will try to answer this question during the workshops for the junior high school students “Poetry. A workshop on practical usage” conducted as a part of European Poet of Freedom International Festival. The City Culture Institute invites junior high students to spend the Skip School Day with literature on March 21st 9.00 – 14.00 in the IKM.


There are dozens of situations when a piece of poetry can ease a conflict, be a bridge between people, boost your energy on a rainy day or win someone’s heart. It can also be a weapon to defeat an enemy, fix your case on a post office or – if you have something important to say – get more likes on Facebook. Unbelievable? But it’s true. Poetry can be practical.


- I invite junior high students to my workshop, during which we will take a look at battlefield use of poetry. The workshop is an hour long. During this time we work in groups, discuss, exchange ideas, create our own texts and use the ones already existing. We examine the influence of poetry on one another. We practice the power of words, move from our comfort zone and create new possibilities. Poetry is everywhere, sometimes you don’t even know it. And it is extremely useful. It may surprise you when you are not looking. Brace yourselves! – says Barbara Piórkowska.

The workshops are designed for classes of junior high school. Workshop lasts one hour. Previous enrollment is obligatory – send a request via e-mail warsztaty@europejskipoetawolnosci.pl


Topic: „Poetry – a workshop on practical usage” – an hour long workshops for junior high school students
Date: March 21st 2014, 9.00–14.00
Place: Instytut Kultury Miejskiej, ul. Długi Targ 39/40
Workshops hosted by: Barbara Piórkowska

Barbara Piórkowska – Poet, writer, journalist, literary critic, performer; University of Gdańsk graduate with a degree in Polish Studies. Born in 1974. Author of a radio-podcasted  novel “Szklanka na pająki” (“A glass for spiders”). Creative writing trainer. Author of literary show texts, an audiobook and 3 collections of poems. Nominated for Splendor Gedanensis Award in 2010. Winner of “Pro Libro Legendo” Award in 2010. Author of songs from the album “Piórko” by Natalia Grzebała.