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Andros Zemenidis

Zemenidis was born in the UK in 1973, from a Polish Mother and a Cypriot father. He studied Special Education at the University of Arizona. Zemenidis lives in Limassol and works as an educator with children that require special care at a hospital school run by the Red Cross. He has published three volumes of poetry: “Ως εν ουρανών και επί της γης” (Up to the Sky and to the Ground) (2002), “Δε γίνεται όλα να είναι μαύρα” (Everything Cannot Be Black) (2005) and “Απ’ τα τρία το μεγαλύτερο” (The Greatest of Three) (2007). He also published a novel entitled “Ρόδα είναι και γυρίζει” (This Is a Wheel and It Turns) (2006).

The Greatest of Three

Zemenidis finds a threat to human freedom in schemes and conventions imposed by the modern technology, mass media and the big city rush that is present even on a small, not densely populated island. The Cypriot poet wrestles with the powers of those phenomena using an old Hellenic weapon, the same that Nikos Kazantzakis’s Zorba the Greek fought with - optimism and joy of life. In the poems included into “Απ’ τα τρία το μεγαλύτερο”, Zemenidis defends his freedom in love scenes, by the bottle of wine with his friends, in a conversation with the sun and the elements of nature. According to him, it is the instinct of life that makes a remedy for the disease of the modern life - the instinct that we discover when we look inside, or when we see what comes from the God and not from the pride-intoxicated man.