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Birgitta Lillpers

Born in Orsa (Dalarna County), Lillpers studied Applied Philosophy at the Uppsala University and now lives back in Orsa. She writes mostly lyrical poetry, however she claims that sometimes her work take on a shape of a novel. She has been publishing since 1982 and has released ten poetic books - of which “Besök på en främmande kennel” (A Visit to a Foreign Kennel) (1990) is considered to be her breakthrough volume - and five books in prose - of which “Blomvattnarna” (The Flower-Watering One) (1987) should be paid a particular attention. Lillpers is interested in photography and also co-operates with musicians. She has been granted numerous scholarships and is a laureate of many awards including the prestigious 2008 Samfundet De Nios stora pris (The Nine Society Grand Prize) for the whole of her work.

“Nu försvinner vi eller ingår” (Now We Disappear or Join In)

The subject axis of the volume is the opposition: the centre versus the peripheral, and all the divisions, inflexible hierarchies, borders - or rather a total disagreement to them. A wood makes its main metaphor (when entering the wood, we become a part of it, we find our place in a safe whole) together with borders of allotments that cut it across (standing on the border, we disappear in an undefined zone, yet, at the same time, we become exceptionally distinct in such extreme alienation). In the successive chapters of her volume, Birgitta Lillpers tells us about attachment to a particular place, to the land where the presence of the previous generations is still present, about brutal interventions of the outer world into our private “centre”, and finally about inevitable loneliness of humans in spite of the fact that their borders cannot be precisely charted because they cross and overlap with the borders of the others.