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21st of March 2010

11:00 h - The Baltic Sea Culture Centre in Gdańsk
The Special Cracow Poetry Showroom
Krystyna and Stefan Chwin talk with Tomas Venclova - a poet, translator and essayist

The city of Gdańsk is to host an outstanding poet - Tomas Venclova - on whom a title of the honorary doctor of the University of Gdańsk is to be bestowed a day before (the 40th Anniversary of the University of Gdańsk). Detailed information on the ceremony may be found at: http://ug.gda.pl/pl/jubileusz2010/?tpl=venclova

13:00 h - Long Market Square (Długi Targ) in Gdańsk
An art performance by the “Znak” Theatre - Inhabitants of Gdańsk write a poem on freedom