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25th of March 2010

17:00 h - The Gdańsk Branch of the Voivodship and Municipal Public Library
A meeting: the poet vs. the translator: the Cypriot culture
Poet: Andros Zemenidis, Translator: Paweł Krupka, Moderator: Artur Nowaczewski

18:00 h - The Artus Court in Gdańsk
A debate on the freedom of creation lead by Adam Michnik, and participated by Jiří Gruša, Agnieszka Holland, Ryszard Krynicki, Krzysztof Pomian, and Tomas Venclova

21:00 h - La Dolce Vita Club in Gdańsk
The Festival Club: Music by Zurt de Lux - Recycling Music and Pop Shit