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How to read in a creative way? Come and find out on the workshops during European Poet of Freedom Festival!

Three meetings of the cycle “Creative Reading Workshops” are scheduled for March 19th, 20th and 22nd during the European Poet of Freedom International Literature Festival. The meetings will be hosted by the most ingenious poets and literary critics: Tomasz Różycki, Anna Piwkowska, Andrzej Sosnowski, Paweł Próchniak, Grzegorz Jankowicz and Leszek Szaruga. We invite students and adults interested in literature to join us in free workshops.


The workshops are designed to get the participants to realize, that the reader co-creates the literary text. It’s all about the literary scholars and poets, supported by a given text, showing how one can approach literature in a creative way, why they should not be afraid of poetry, how to talk about it and develop our sensitivity and imagination at the same time – says Tadeusz Dąbrowski, art director of the European Poet of Freedom Festival.


Each workshop is hosted by a duo of a poet and literary critic, so that the participants get to know different perspectives: the one of the artist, the creator, and the analytical, technical one.


On Wednesday, March 19th, at 16.00 – 19.00, the workshops are hosted by Tomasz Różycki – a poet, translator, Roman philologist, winner of Kościelscy Award; and Paweł Próchniak – literary historian, literary critic, professor of Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny im. KEN in Cracow.


On Thursday, March 20th, at 12.00 – 15.00 we invite you for a creative meeting with Andrzej Sosnowski – a poet and a translator, editor of „Literatura na Świecie”, winner of Kościelscy Award and Grzegorz Jankowicz, a literary critic, a philologist, essay writer, translator, editor of culture columns of  Tygodnik Powszechny journal, a juror of Wroclaw Poetry Awards „Silesius” and the chief executive of Joseph Conrad International Literature Festival.


On Saturday March 22nd, at 12.00 – 15.00 the workshops will be hosted by Anna Piwkowska – a poet and an essay writer, who’s poetry has been published in "Więzi", "Res Publica", "Twórczość", "Zeszyty Literackich", "Odra", "Tygodnik Powszechny" and Leszek Szaruga – a poet, German poetry translator, academic teacher, literary historian, literary critic, editor of "Nowaja Polsza" and "Przegląd Polityczny" journals, winner of Kościelscy Award (1986) and “Kultury” Award (1999)

Workshop schedule:
Wendesday, March 19th
16.00 - 19.00

Creative Reading Workshop
Tomasz Różycki
Paweł Próchniak
Wojewódzka i Miejska  Biblioteka Publiczna
Biblioteka Główna American Corner
ul. Targ Rakowy 5/6

Thursday, March 20th
12.00 - 15.00
Creative Reading Workshop
Andrzej Sosnowski
Grzegorz Jankowicz
University of Gdańsk

Saturday, March 22nd
12.00 - 15.00
Creative Reading Workshop
Anna Piwkowska
Leszek Szaruga
Wojewódzka i Miejska  Biblioteka Publiczna
Biblioteka Główna American Corner
Targ Rakowy 5/6 


Due to limited numer of participants, previous enrollment for all the Creative Reading Workshops is obligatory. Send a request via e-mail warsztaty@europejskipoetawolnosci.pl